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Founded in 2013,

BomAI is the largest online spot market of

electronic components in China.

Our company is committed to serving for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide (such as Authorized Distributors, Brokers, End-Users, SMT/EMS), providing for the price data which can be checked online in the field of electronic components.

Our users can buy and sell all categories of electronic components including integrated Chips(IC), Semiconductors, diodes, transistors, Mosfets, Resistances, Capacitors, Crystals, Oscillators,

China spot marketing price data!

Shenzhen Zhengnengliang Network Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of BOM.AI, is the largest ERP system provider in China's electronic components distribution industry, and have served more than 10,000 component distributors. BOM.AI has the most comprehensive and immediate current price data in the world thanks to its unique open market price sharing mechanism and real-time updates in the order of 100,000 per day.

The world's largest electronic components spot warehouse !

China's largest stock warehouse of electronic components with tens of thousands of stock traders and an inventory value of over 100 billion USD.

Real electronic components spot suppliers !

Different from TheBrok**For***, ICSOUR*** and netCompone*** etc, BOM.AI certified local [Genuine spot suppliers] are real first-hand vendors [1] instead of general resale brokers[2]. The advantage is that it reduces the intermediate links, and effectively reduce the purchase price, quality risk, and the uncertainty in the process of procurement. However, because these [Genuine spot suppliers] often only stock and sell goods, but do not serve overseas traders, and even they have no experience in the field of international trade, BOM.AI has built an unique and brand-new trading solution.(Please refer to the following introduction)

[1] First-hand vendors mean the suppliers who have their own goods stored in their own warehouses, and name their own price. [2] Resale brokers mean the suppliers who purchase from other inventory sellers according to your demand, then sell to you at a higher price.

China spot marketing price data!

RFQ Stage

[Genuine spot suppliers] without international trader experience can ask BOM.AI secretary for help,who will assist the quotation. The buyer,seller and the secretary can complete the RFQ through the IM developed by BOM.Al.

Transaction stage:

In 2018,BOM.AI established its own offshore supply chain service company to help component distributors solve the problems of import and export,HongKong warehousing,international payment and logistics. In 2021, the transaction value exceeded 400 million USD.When you trade with [Genuine spot suppliers]that do not support international trade, BOM.AI Supply Chain Company is responsible for completing import and export procedures,payment,logistics, QC and other procedures,and only charges a small amount of service commission.

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